Swiss Bank Gazprombank to Launch Crypto Services Next Year


瑞士人 银行 Gazprombank最近与金融科技创业公司Avaloq和加密公司Metaco合作,为客户提供加密服务,Avaloq新闻稿 报告 Dec. 6。

Fintech company Avaloq and crypto custody solution specialist Metaco are reportedly collaborating with Gazprombank –– which as 瑞士法郎3.1十亿 ($3.12 billion) in total assets under management ––“to implement their integrated crypto asset solution” aimed at banks and wealth managers.

The system is meant “for the management of client portfolios across all asset classes, including cryptocurrencies.” The press release reports that this is the latest development in a preexisting relationship with the bank, noting that:

“Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd, which is already an Avaloq client, aims to offer a cryptocurrency service to its clients in mid-2019.”

The implementation of the system is meant to make transactions in crypto assets “simple.” After the implementation, the report states that clients will be able to buy, sell and transfer crypto “without any need for a crypto-wallet or private key management.”

The solution makes use of Metaco’s Hardware 资金安全 Module (HSM), which, according to the press release, “ensures a military security solution for storing private keys and managing wallets and operations” with 多重 支持。

根据它 网站瑞士Gazprombank是俄罗斯国有企业Gazprombank(JSC)拥有的100百分比,由瑞士金融市场监管局(FINMA)监管。

最近作为Cointelegraph 报道总部位于纽约的Signature Bank获得了纽约金融服务部的批准(NYDFS)采用基于区块链的数字平台。

本周也是 巴西’s largest private bank Itau Unibanco 合作英国 银行渣打银行为小型企业创建基于区块链的平台 贷款.



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