Jeff Garzik在Crai Wright的Kleiman比特币诉讼中传唤

Jeff Garzik Subpoenaed in the Kleiman Bitcoin Lawsuit Against Craig Wright

3月15,着名的比特币开发商Jeff Garzik透露,他被美国佛罗里达州地方法院传闻,臭名昭着的Kleiman与Wright比特币诉讼。 Kleiman家族起诉大约300,000 BTC的自称Satoshi,并且Garzik已经被法院服务,并被要求提交各种文件和可能与案件相关的证据。

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Kleiman Estate希望Jeff Garzik能够揭示他所知道的Satoshi,David Kleiman和Craig Wright

The Kleiman estate and David Kleiman’s brother Ira Kleiman believe Craig Wright defrauded David and manipulated his assets. Some people believe that David Kleiman (deceased) may have been the creator of Bitcoin and the estate thinks he is owed about 300,000 BTC ($1.1 billion) from a trust that allegedly has 1 million BTC locked until the year 2020. recently 报道 on Wright’s response to the billion dollar lawsuit after Judge Beth Bloom denied his attempt at dismissing the charges. Now the early Bitcoin adopter and developer Jeff Garzik is involved with the lawsuit as he 公布 他被传唤出庭传票出庭。 传票源于Kleiman委员会,并要求Garzik提供任何证据证明David Kleiman是Satoshi Nakamoto。

“你得到了服务,”加兹克在推特上大声说道。 “比特币诉讼无人机。 为了激进透明,这里的传票就是为我而来的(无论是第1页)。“

Jeff Garzik在Crai Wright的Kleiman比特币诉讼中传唤

Acker 传票 also asks for any communications between Garzik and Wright and whether he had any direct communications with Kleiman. The plaintiff’s counsel is in search of any documents that stem from David Kleiman, W&K Info Defense (Kleiman and Wright’s company), and any communications with an individual called Uyen Nguyen. The request also asks for any communications between Garzik and the pseudonym or moniker Satoshi Nakamoto and any evidence that is tied to the “Tulip Trust” or “GISCR Trust.” The subpoena also refers to the search for subjects like early bitcoin mining between Jan. 1, 2009 through April 2013. Other subjects include any documents tied to Mt. Gox, Silk Road, Liberty Reserve, and the Prometheus Project. The documents ask about communications between well known figures like cryptographer Ian Grigg, writer Andrew O’Hagan, and billionaire gambling tycoon Calvin Ayre.

Jeff Garzik在Crai Wright的Kleiman比特币诉讼中传唤

Garzik’s Personal Theory

Wright and his council have denied the allegations against him and said the oral partnership between Wright and Kleiman was barred by the statute of frauds. “There was no written partnership agreement between Dr. Wright and David Kleiman and/or W&K Info Defense Research, LLC,” Wright’s attorney’s detailed in the 36-page response to the charges. Meanwhile, Wright has been telling the public throughout many published tweets and memoirs how he was involved with the creation of Bitcoin.

In the 14-page request to Garzik it seems the Kleiman estate and council want to know everything the developer may have come across over the years. The request also mentions a Bloomberg article that talks about Garzik’s “personal theory” about David Kleiman. In the article Garzik 国家: “My personal theory is that [Satoshi Nakamoto] is the Floridian Dave Kleiman. It matches his coding style, this gentleman was self-taught. And the Bitcoin coder was someone who was very, very smart, but not a classically trained software engineer.” This specific quote has led the Kleiman estate to believe that Garzik may know more about the relationship between Wright and Kleiman or have clues about David’s possible connection to the infamous Nakamoto.

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